We work closely with the client to ensure their objectives are met. We completely manage the design process to ensure construction costs meet required budgets. You can be sure of our commitment to provide you with our best service.

Our Core areas of specialty include but not limited to the following;

  • Detailed Engineering Services,

  • Technical Procurement & Logistics Support,

  • Oil & Gas Mechanical Installation works,

  • Industrial and Power Plants Installation,

  • Infrastructures, Civil Works and Erosion Control,

  • Process Piping & Pipeline Construction & Installation,

  • Flare Gas reduction in conjunction with Hy-Bon Engineering,USA,

  • Product storage Tank installation works,

  • Structural Steel Works Fabrication & Installation works.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of on-going and completed projects;

Dangote Oil Refinery,

Lagos, Nigeria

Status: Ongoing
  • Construction of reinforced Concrete Foundation works,

  • Collection of all Pipes, pipe fittings, valve & accessories,

  • Procurement of PPR & UPVC Pipes, Fabrication & Installation of Underground Piping works, Testing,

  • Pre-commissioning & Commissioning of the piping system, 

  • Collection of all prefabricated Steel structures and accessories,

  • Procurement of secondary steel materials,

  • supply of equipment.

Follow our DORC progress here

Egbaoma Gas Plant,

Delta, Nigeria

Status: Completed
  • Design & Construction of 28nos Equipment Foundation,

  • Design and Procurement of GRE Piping for the underground Fire water system of the Egboama Flow station,

  • Blasting & Priming of Gas processing equipment including the hot/cold insulation of the equipment and process pipes, 

  • Additional works for the installation of Metering Skid and associated Piping works for the Egboama Flow station upgrade.

FUN Manifold Project,

Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Status: Completed
  • Design  and  construction  of MCC  panel,

  • Piping Prefabrication  and Installation,

  • Construction & Installation of FUN Manifold Transfer Custody unit,

  • Foundation construction of 2nos Crude storage tanks including the tank installation works, Construction of Bundwall,

  • Construction of various Equipment foundation,

  • Installation of free-issued process Equipment,

  • Fabrication & Installation of interconnecting Process,

  • Pipe spools,

  • Installation of 3km x 12" pipeline,

  • Electrical & Instrumentation  installation works including the procurement of the bulk electrical cables. 

Other completed projects 

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