Omiti Engineering Nigeria Limited is the authorized channeled partner for nVent Raychem in Nigeria and Africa.

nVent Raychem offers innovative integrated technologies under the leading brand -nVent RAYCHEM STS.The products offer a complete solution for electric trace heating systems tailored to your needs. The heating  system maintain pipes and vessels at desired temperature achieved through surface heating. Furthermore, the heating system ensures that the required physical proprieties of the contents are not altered. The heating system functions in all conditions and can be installed whilst production is on-going, thus does not require a plant shut down. The benefit of nVent heat tracing system are unchallenged. With a 10 years warranty if we install the products ourselves, you will be able to optimize your production, reduce maintenance cost and increase profit. Therefore our profit is safe, reliable and cost effective.

Beside the HEAT TRACING SOLUTIONS, we also offer a variety of other products which are suitable for industry including but not limited to:


  • Leaked Detection

  • Fire Survival Cable

  • Flow Maintenance

  • Tank Insulation

  • Process Temperature Maintenance

  • Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

you can reach out to nVent RAYCHEM for all your industrial, commercial and residential needs.

Also you can visit their website for more information @

In addition, Omiti Engineering Nigeria Limited is also the authorized distributor of Seal For Life Product in Nigeria and other regions within Africa. The products we are offering, is an integrated pipeline coating technology that focus on corrosion prevention, fire and temperature protection and cathodic protection for pipeline, oil, gas water infrastructure and industrial applications.

The product offers ultimate protections in all angle.

The Seal For Life Products ranges from

  • Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

  • Liquid Epoxy Coating

  • Polyethylene Tapes

  • Insulated Tapes Protection

  • Cathodic Protection & AC Mitigation system

Furthermore, we have trained over 20 technical applicator for the application of the Heat Shrinkable sleeves and we offer other associated products and services solutions. For more information pleases visit the website 

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