Omiti Engineering Nigeria Limited is the authorized channeled partner for nVent Raychem in Nigeria and Africa.






nVent RAYCHEM : nVent RAYCHEM can provide you complete end to end EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) solutions for Electrical heat tracing systems, Tank insulation – Trac-Loc, Tank foundation heating solutions and Leak detection systems. Our solutions improves the utilization, lower installation and maintenance costs, and minimize the downtime.


Our Application:

  • Pipe Freeze Protection

  • Long Pipeline Heating

  • Industrial Temperature Maintenance

  • Tank Heating

  • Tank Insulation

  • Frost Heave Protection

  • Offshore/ Marine Winterization

  • Industrial Surface Snow Melting




nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek leak detection solutions quickly and accurately detect and pinpoint the source of a leak providing you with critical information to take swift action and avoid damage. Suitable for fuel and water, TraceTek systems are complete modular solutions and provide reliable and long-term service.


 Our Application:

  • Fuel and Chemical Leak Detection

  • Water Leak Detection

  • nVent TRACER: The nVent TRACER Trac-Loc system is thermally efficient and a cost effective solution to help reduce a customer’s total installed and operating cost. It delivers structurally superior, maintenance free, and lower insulation cost than conventional tank insulation methods. nVent TRACER Trac-Loc is ideal for large, flat-bottomed tanks used for storage of materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and require a covering of insulation and jacketing to reduce heat loss or gain. With its unique design, panel construction and installation techniques, Trac-Loc is provided as a complete installed heat management system.


Our Application:

  • STS (Skin Effect Tracing System)






nVent PYROTENAX : nVent PYROTENAX mineral insulated fire rated cable offers a unique combination of dependability, versatility and performance. Protect critical electrical circuits with 2-hour fire rated wiring and meet the most stringent fire test standards in the world.


Our Application:

  • Mineral Insulated Fired Rated Wiring




Omiti Engineering Nigeria Limited is the channel partner and agent for Drager products in Nigeria. Drager Safety AG & Co. KGaA is world class manufacturer of various safety Equipment and among them is Ventilators under the medical equipment unit.





Babylog 8000 plus Neonatal Intensive Care Ventilation

More than 40 years of experience in neonatal ventilation and a century of experience in breathing technology have gone into Drager medical’s Babylog 8000 plus. The result is a neonatal ventilator that satisfies the extremely high standards you set in caring for your little patients.



  • Ventilation in harmony with the baby

  • Consistent volume guarantee

  • High frequency ventilation

  • Pressure support ventilation – the standard for neonates

  • BabyFlow nasal CPAP

  • Compact & easy to learn

Dräger Evita Infinity V500 ventilator ICU Ventilation and Respiratory Monitoring


Combine fully-featured high performance ventilation with infinity “Acute Care System” integration to meet the challenges of today’s health care environment.



  • Tools for your ventilation therapy I

  • Tools for your ventilation therapy II

  • Functions to support your workflow



Dräger Savina 300 Classic ICU Ventilation and Respiratory Monitoring

The Drager Savina 300 Classic (in this configuration) combines the independence and power of a turbine driven ventilation system with a wide range of ventilation modes. The large color touch screen and intuitive operating system that concentrates on essential features make configuration and operation very simple.



  • Ease-of-use

  • High ventilation performance

  • Independent from gas and power supply.







In addition, Omiti Engineering Nigeria Limited is also the authorized distributor of Seal For Life Product in Nigeria and other regions within Africa. The products we are offering, is an integrated pipeline coating technology that focus on corrosion prevention, fire and temperature protection and cathodic protection for pipeline, oil, gas water infrastructure and industrial applications.

The product offers ultimate protections in all angle.

The Seal For Life Products ranges from

  • Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

  • Liquid Epoxy Coating

  • Polyethylene Tapes

  • Insulated Tapes Protection

  • Cathodic Protection & AC Mitigation system

Furthermore, we have trained over 20 technical applicator for the application of the Heat Shrinkable sleeves and we offer other associated products and services solutions. For more information pleases visit the website 


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